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nations keep this website running and the printer filled with ink.

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Christian Perspective Representatives, Inc.
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Inquiry/Submission Form
Please contact us to request assistance or inquire more information.
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Submission Guidelines

C.P.R. For Your County is here to help the our citizens, parents/guardians, teachers, school employees, city employees, and county employees hold the system accountable by providing guidance, education, and direction.

Please tell us in as much detail as you can what the problem is, the parties involved, whether or not the issue is ongoing, and what steps (if any) have been taken to resolve the problem.

Please submit anything that meets the criteria listed below:

  • Examples of students/employees being exposed to inappropriate content or subject matter in the classroom/workplace, including matters relating to substance abuse, profanity, or of a sexual nature.

  • Examples of students/employees being required to disclose their sexual preference, religious ideology, or economic status.

  • Examples of students/employees being subjected to indoctrination according to a political agenda or ideology, whether through assigned work, teacher comments, or a hostile classroom/employer environment.

  • Examples of discrimination or harassment related to a student's or person's faith, ethnicity, worldview, or political beliefs.

  • Examples of unequal, inconsistent, or disparate treatment of students/employees in the enforcement of school/employer rules and/or in disciplinary matters.

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